Saturday, September 12, 2009

Red and Black Macrame/Twist falls

This is Sari when I bought her:

After I put makeup & false lashes on:

I used Styrofoam balls to act as "buns," & made holes on both the balls and her head then used plastic tubes, drywall inserts, & long screws to hold them in place.

Here she is with my newly made 86 count red & black yarn falls, I used both macrame knotting & twist swirl technique.

My niece Zoe loves her lol.

I hope you guys like my newest project!

If you're interested in purchasing the falls please follow the link bellow:

Yarn Falls HazardousCreation Etsy

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  1. Thank you so much fpr this tutorial I needed this. Now I know how nice yarn falls can look. I wet mine and used a hair dryer but I want more volume so this is great !