Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can Anyone Help?

Jada Elexis Mendoza 12/07/08-5/28/09
I went to work today with a bunch of missed calls from a friend, I didn't have time to return them so I put it aside to start my day. Not really thinking it was something to worry about..

I guess my friend called our house phone too and Anthony returned the call. Then gave me the sad news when he came to pick me up.

On Thursday MAY 28, 2009 Jada Elexis Mendoza passed away due to complications from Arnoldchari Malformation type three. Because of this rare disease she wasn't able to breathe, & eat without the help of machines & tubes, and had no control of her muscle functions. One could say that it may have been for the best since it was certain that she would have lived a hard life, but loosing a child is far from easy. Because of constant medical care she needed her mother Eileen Moreno is in no position financially to pay for her daughter's funeral. So I was wondering if anyone here can help. Every little bit helps, so if you guys are interested please let me know, my papal email address is Any amount will be highly appreciated folks.. Thanks in advance.

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